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Feb. Goal: What do you want most for this year?

Feb. Goal: What do you want most for this year?

| February 09, 2018

February is a great month to reevaluate your financial goals. What are your intentions for the year ahead? Visualize yourself at the end of this year. What will you attract into your life?

What will you accomplish in 2018?
Do you want to save more money? Purchase a new home or vehicle? Start a family? Are you planning a summer vacation? Will you retire soon? Do you want to start your own business? Draw up the will you’ve been meaning to write? Perhaps you’re planning to move into a retirement community?

Solidify Your Plans.
Consider how your goals correlate with your financial situation. What adjustments will be necessary to turn your goals into reality?

Nithman Financial Group can help you refine your goals. We can provide a blueprint for planning the steps toward the life you want to build. This may involve changing some habits to accommodate your goals.  Let’s work together to design your plan.

Set Fewer Goals; Achieve More.
Concentrate your energy on your top priority. Visualize the specific steps you’ll take to accomplish this goal. It may be helpful to write each step in list form or to draw a flow chart. Make sure to associate timeframes with each stage of your intended progress. Keep a posted reminder of your goals and the steps you’re taking to achieve them. Check off each step as you finish.

Organizing your goals in this manner may keep you on track and help you avoid distractions. Planning and monitoring can give you the confidence to achieve even the most daunting tasks as you progress toward your dreams.

Be Proactive. Not Reactive.
What are some possible obstacles that could get in the way of achieving your goal? How will you address these potential pitfalls as they occur? Make sure your emergency fund is in place. If unexpected expenses pop up, your plans won’t fall to the wayside.

Reward Yourself.
Once you have reached one of your goals, look back on the steps it took to achieve success. Pat yourself on the back. Buy yourself a cookie. Make sure to celebrate the small – and LARGE – victories. Be grateful for your progress.

We Can Help!
This is a year filled with exciting possibilities. Share your goals with us. We can help guide you along the path to building the financial future you desire.

Why rely on chance to run your life? Figure out what you want, and go get it!